So why choose Solutions for Property (Residential) LTD to manage your biggest investment?

Our full management package includes:

  • Full comprehensive inventory
  • Issuing of a tailored ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’ Agreement
  • Submittal and evidence of your tenants deposit into the Deposit Protection Scheme
  • Rent collection
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Contractor management
  • Move In/Out attendance
  • Access to the Landlord Zone
  • Deposit placed in the Deposit Protection Service

Other services include:

  • Tenant find only
  • Free landlord consultation
  • Eviction management
  • Lettings regulation advise
  • Maintenance and cleaning services from our ‘in-house’ teams
  • Tradesman referral from our ‘tried and tested’ contractor list

Solutions for Property (Residential) LTD: Advertising

  • Your property advertised on:
  • In our prominent window display at both offices
  • All our social media platforms

Property Redress Scheme:

  • We are a member of the PRS – Membership Number PRS018087

Landlord Fees:

Service Fees Comments
Fully Managed Existing or agreed % fee plus VAT of monthly rental amount plus a one-off fee of £350 plus VAT per new tenant placement



£350 plus VAT can be paid over the first 6 months of the contract (AST)

·        Existing minimum management fee plus a one of cost of £350 plus VAT per new tenant placement


·        The landlord can choose to pay the £350 plus VAT over the first six months of contract. These needs calculating and shown as a separate charge on the Landlords monthly statement.

Let & Rent collection £50 plus VAT per month for rent collection plus a one-off fee of £290 plus VAT ·        Full rent collection and follow up on late payees. Landlord can also choose from Ad – Hoc services listed below
Tenant Find Only



65% of the monthly rent plus VAT ·        First rent payment to be made to S4P. Fees deducted, and remainder paid to Landlord.


·        Landlord can also choose from Ad- Hoc services below

Ad Hoc Services Fees Comments
Contract (AST) £75 plus VAT Issue of a legally binding Assured Shorthold Agreement
Professional Inventory One Bedroom £65 plus VAT


Two Bedrooms £75 plus VAT

Three Bedrooms £85 plus VAT

Four Bedrooms £95 plus VAT

Five Bedrooms & Above £105 plus VAT

·        Full detailed inventory conducted. Inventory report issued to tenant and signed copy issued to Landlord.


·        Properties with 6 bedrooms and above fees to be discussed with Operations Manage

Attended Move In & Meter Read £75 plus VAT Meet tenants at property and conduct move in. Issue keys, take meter readings & issue signed move in report to Landlord
Property Inspection during tenancy £50 plus VAT Cost is per visit. Landlord can request multiple visits if required
Deposit Placement in Government approved scheme £50 plus VAT Placement of Deposit in Government approved scheme. Certificate issued to Landlord
Tenant Checkout and property inspection/ Meter Readings £99 plus VAT ·        Attend property at end of tenancy.


·        Conduct inspection using inventory

·        Take meter readings

·        produce report

Gas Safety Inspection £90 plus VAT Arrangement of annual Gas Safety Inspection and certificate/report issued
Energy Performance Certificate £60 plus VAT Arrangement of Energy Performance Certificate with full report & recommendations

Client Money Protection:

  • We are a member of the Client Money Protection – membership number CMP006894

 Deposit Protection:

  • We are a member of the Deposit Protection Service & all Deposits are placed in this scheme