Landlord Zone

At Solutions for Property (Residential) LTD we pride ourselves on being innovative. We proudly promote our Landlord Zone service which gives landlords the ability to store and access their files in a secure on-line location. We believe (unless someone tell us differently!) we are the only lettings company to offer such a service to our customers. Not only does this keep all files relating to our landlords property organised, it also avoids costly re-prints.

Since the launch, the Landlord Zone has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint. The use of an automatic email alert notifies landlords every time a new document is added, therefore removing the need to print and post documents. We have incorporated some unique features into the Landlord Zone that will easily enable landlords to locate and manage all documents giving the flexibility of:

 – Password protected area to ensure documents remain secure.

– Searching documents by property if more than one is managed by us.

– Filtering documents by type, i.e. invoices, statements, inspections etc.

– Receiving documents without postal delays.

– Reduced workload when compiling personal tax returns.

– On-line access to all documents

Don’t worry! We have a comprehensive step-by-step document that will take you through the Landlord Zone in detail. We are also on hand to talk you through any problems or concerns that you may have.

If this is something that’s just not for you, we can always do things the traditional way by post!